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About us

Ratio helps organizations to understand the costs, use and quality of their IT

Many organizations struggle with the cost and quality of IT and barely get grip on it

  • Organisations want to get a grip on costs, use and quality.
  • One does not have the time, expertise, resources and empowerment to do this independently within a reasonable time.
  • IT costs have become too high to be considered as overhead; they need to be allocated to departments and products.
  • Charging the costs is always an issue within companies. ABC is too complex and too expensive. Other distributions lead to disproportionate costs and perverse incentives.

And for that purpose Ratio has solutions available in the form of tools and expertise

  • Unique combination of Benchmarking and Spending Analysis (cash out; Cost Cube, TCO)
  • Cost allocation to the business (cash in; Stacks, ABC) Market: from the highest sector of medium-sized companies to large corporations, profit and not-for-profit. Charging is particularly popular with large organizations, but it is also very complex.
  • Clear numerical results, often confronting (mirror). Displays consequences, identifies causes (P x Q-relation). High accuracy of the calculations. Always verifiable figures (drill down to lowest level source data).
  • Short turnaround times, therefore more relevant results and taking the right measures more quickly.
  • Ratio does the work for the client. Collecting and processing large amounts of varied and unstructured data is our expertise.

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